Insurance – Not a Good Idea

Whenever the dealer’s visible card is an ace, the house usually offers “insurance”. The player can place a separate bet, one that is usually half of his original, saying that the house will get a blackjack. That way, he can minimize his losses and win back half of the money he will have lost to the dealer. Indeed, it can be quite harrowing for the players if the dealer has an ace showing. It’s intimidating – the thought that the dealer could have a blackjack in his hands. Often times, this can back players into a corner, deluding them into thinking that getting insurance is a good idea. It becomes even more suffocating if the other players on the table start getting insurance too. Well, in times like these, always keep this in mind: Insurance is not a good idea. It’s much better to play out your hand instead. The odds that the dealer will get a blackjack are generally lower than the odds of him getting one. Odds of 4:13 are hardly anything to get you quaking in your boots.

But that’s not to say that insurance is never a good idea. In fact, to card counters, insurance is a very good strategy to use. Card counters usually have a general idea of what’s left in the deck, so they know what the odds are and whether they should get insurance or not.

Never be an Eager Beaver

Sitting at the front row may give you an edge in a classroom setting. But in blackjack, it’ll only give you a handicap. However, it’s not sitting at the front row per se, but sitting at the left-most part. Those seated at the left side are usually given the first cards from the deck. You’ll have a hard time seeing what cards are being handed out if you’re at the first or second seat. Sit at the middle or at the right part instead. This will give you ample time to decide on what your move will be and this will also give you the chance to do some card counting.

Surrender and Live to Fight Another Day

Some players think that surrender is a sucker bet. Well, news flash, it’s not. It’s not cowardly to surrender in a game of blackjack. It’s wise. So, should you find yourself holding cards that have a low chance of winning, especially when you see that the dealer’s face up card is a 10, surrender – it will certainly save you some money.