Pontoon (Blackjack)

Play this variant of Blackjack at Silver Sands Casino

You are dealt two cards face-up and the dealer is dealt two cards face down. The goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going bust.

A “Pontoon” is a hand that totals 21 with two cards. A total of 21 with three or more cards is not considered a Pontoon. A Pontoon is ranked higher than all other hands. The second highest ranking hand is a “Five Card Trick”, a hand of five cards totalling 21 points or less.

The following rules apply to this game:

  • Pontoon pays 2:1
  • 5-cards pays 2:1
  • Dealer wins ties
  • *Dealer’s 5 card beats player 5 card
  • Dealer cards face down
  • Dealer must hit soft 17
  • Player must hit 14 or less
  • Double once anytime
  • Hit after double allowed
  • Split up to 2 times


Winning hands in Blackjack pay out as follows: If you win with a Blackjack, which consists of an ace and either a face card or a ten, you are paid out at odds of 3:2 on your original wager. In other words, you win one and a half times your original wager plus you keep your original wager.

If you have a winning hand but not a Blackjack, you are paid out at odds of 1:1 on your original wager. If you lose against a Dealer’s Blackjack and have taken Insurance, you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1 on your Insurance wager. In other words, if you were to take Insurance for half of your wager and the Dealer draws a Blackjack, you get your original wager amount back and break even.