Maximum Betting

Blackjack for the player is all about minimizing the house advantage. It’s unique from other games, where maximizing your own odds is the preferred method of strategy. But in this game, facing a house with the, ahem, deck stacked in its favour, using anything you legally can implement in your strategic arsenal to make the playing field as level as possible is the way to go.

So let’s talk about how betting size might play into this equation. It’s commonly agreed upon that the house advantage for a standard blackjack table that offers a 100x gambling spread (meaning if the minimum is $10, the maximum is $100), is between 1 and 5 percent. I know that’s a large discrepancy, but other factors like deck size, shuffle choices, etc… play into where the actual odds fall. Anyway, the question in this scenario would be how much the house edge changes if the casino handicaps your maximum bet, and limits it to only 10 times the minimum, or even less.

It doesn’t s your odds of winning, but can it hurt your chances of making money over the long run by cutting out your ability to strategize your wagers during favourable gambling conditions?

My belief is none. The house advantage will not sway depending on the spread between the maximum and minimum bet. Especially if the players wasn’t using any type of advantage play. The house advantage remains constant and isn’t affected by the betting spread.

In reality, how you play in general is going to affect the house edge in a much more visible manner. If you’re a bad player (and don’t think you’re a pro just yet), having a low maximum could easily play into the other side of that argument, and prevent you from losing more on the max end. Remember, the definition of the house advantage is the percentage of likely victory the casino has over the player and the strategy he chooses to use.

And going back to the mention of number of decks, if we’re looking at a smaller spread in a one-deck game, it helps the player. However, when you get into the six and eight-deck hands, it severely marginalizes the expected return.

I would let a lower spread put you off playing a certain table. There are other rules and regulations that’ll have a greater effect on how successful/profitable you’ll be playing blackjack.