One Thing in Common

All the best blackjack players in the world have one thing in common: they knew how to make the right decisions at all the right times. You could even say that they had an instinct for knowing what to do – a sort of talent that allowed them to keep ahead. Well, instincts can be developed and talents can be honed. You can learn how to make the right decisions too. All you need to have is a little bit of practice and a little bit of patience.

There are several things that need to be considered when making decisions in a game of blackjack. And knowing these factors will help you develop your strategy in gaming and help you win more money. Whether or not a decision is good or bad will depend upon the combination of these factors.

Your Bankroll’s Status

When playing blackjack or any other gambling game, it is important to always be on the know about your bankroll’s status. This will be the first and foremost determinant of your strategy and whether you’re going to play risky or play safe. Your bankroll should mean the amount of money you have set aside specifically for gambling. It should not include your money for bills, your money for food, or, God forbid, all the money in your pocket. Determining the size of your bankroll is an important decision, but even more important is the decision to never ever go over it, no matter how “lucky” you feel. Remember, in gambling, the real winner is the one who never leaves the gambling table in tears.

Betting Limits

Blackjack tables usually employ a betting limit in every game. This means that all of your bets will have to be at the table’s minimum betting limit or more. In conjunction with knowing your bankroll’s status, try to pick a table with a betting limit that can maximize it. Look for one that won’t zap your bankroll dry faster than you can say “blackjack”. A good strategy would be to pick a table with low betting limits, so that you can bet as low or as high as you wish. This will allow you to pace your game, letting you stretch your money to get as many chances of winning as possible.

Number of Players on the Table

One good way strategy in making the right decision in blackjack is to determine the number of players in a blackjack table first. If you’re still learning how to strategize, then it’s best to go to a table where there are many players. A game usually proceeds from the players at the leftmost part to those at the right. So if you sit at the far-right seat, you will have ample opportunity to think about whether you will hit or stand. This strategy is also good for the card counters. However, one disadvantage of this strategy is that the number of games you can play, and potentially win, per hour is considerably lessened. Games where there are many players take longer to finish and are quite slow paced.